About us

Hy-care mobile services is a best and largest mobile retail Chain dealing in leading international and Indian Brands of mobile phones and accessories .

At Hy-care, we make sure you get more out of whatever you buy at our store. We constantly make an effort to guarantee you peace of mind with every purchase you make.

Just imagine that the new phone you bought gets broken or damaged. What would you do? Get disheartened? You don’t have to. Just return the broken/damaged phone to us within 30 days of purchase and get a new phone at half the price.

Sometimes you can’t resist buying the new arrivals that you like the most and buy it before anyone else. But guess what, the price of the phone drops within a week. And you regret. You feel you could have waited for some more time to save those few hundred rupees. But hey, you can still get the difference amount. Just visit us and redeem it within 30 days of purchase.

No matter how careful you are, inevitable things happen, your phone getting stolen, for instance. Worrying isn’t it? What if we protect your phone to reduce your worry? You can buy a new phone at half the price. Just submit the necessary documents and take home a new phone.

You scout for a phone, research about the features, compare the prices and finally decide on buying your favorite one. A couple of days pass by and you feel unhappy. You think you could have bought a better one. No problem. Just come to us and change it within 15 days of purchase.

We are here to delight to with all this and much more!